Beauty Charge Serum "Bull-ion"
飲む美容液Bull-ion "ブリオン"

What is "Bull-ion"?

この、銅と亜鉛の合金、いわゆる”真鍮(ブラス)”を面白い製品にできないかと考え、企画をしている商品が「ブリオン(BULL-ION) *商標登録申請中」です。

BULL-ION (Registerd Trademakr under review), a product made of Copper and Zinc, is known for its natural sterilization capacity.
What makes BULL-ION special is its trusted capacity and safety.
BULL-ION, the Brass Fiber, produces Copper Ion and Zinc Ion when soaked in the water, creates natural sterilzation.
We beleive that this is such an unique and one-of-a-kind product, which can be applied into many innovative products.
We are now analyzing the product furter, as well as having thoughts of the products under developments.